Highlights from the 2013 Season!

Spring has arrived and a new season of the Urban Farm Project is underway here at RIF. Here are a few photos taken by past participant Koray Ersin looking back at last year’s season; we wish all the best and lots of luck to all our graduates and past volunteers! Come back and visit!

To view more highlights from last year’s season, visit the 2013 Growing Together blog here.

All photos by Koray Ersin




Alanna in the Kale.



The view from the roof.

RIF Party

Kora music at the RIF party.

RIF Party

RIF Party

Maria Blacque-Belair.

RIF Party

RIF party.

RIF Party

Madame Barry.

RIF Party

Community dinner.

RIF Party

RIF Party

Nestor and Shantal.

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